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CV Tips – Education

Education CV Tips – What grades did you receive and in what subject? Where did you study or go to school? Often these questions go unanswered on the CVs we receive and it can sometimes make a big difference to the shortlisting process and a candidate meeting specific criteria which an employer has asked their […]

CV Tips – Salary

What are your salary requirements? What is your current salary? The answer to these two questions can be quite different but when you make an application, we often only receive information on […]

CV Tips – Responsibilities and Duties

Being specific and detailed about your responsibilities and duties can go a long way in getting your CV noticed and shortlisted for the roles that you are looking for! Using the bullet point “admin” doesn’t actually tell a hiring manager what you are actually doing. Are you writing letters, raising sales orders, dealing with customer […]

CV Tips and Guidance

Si Recruitment Vlog – Opener to a series including tips and guidance for those of you who are job searching at the moment and some shared insight from our Senior Regional Manager, Frances Bainbridge.

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