Interview Techniques

Be prepared: Do your homework and find out about the company, the job, who is interviewing you and where your interview will take place. Make sure you know where you are going and arrive on time.

Dress appropriately: A smart suit never fails to create the right impression.

Body language: The first impression is created as soon as you meet someone for the first time. Remember to give a firm handshake and smile; you will be off to a good start before you even open your mouth! Try not to cross your arms and always give good eye contact, this will enable you to build rapport with your interviewer

What is the client looking for: Ask open questions regarding the job and company. Do not be afraid to take some written questions into the interview to discuss. Clients will like the fact that you have put thought into the interview and that you are genuinely interested in the job.

Be specific: Make sure your answers and questions are relevant and do not waffle or get sidetracked.

Confidence: Give the interviewer confidence that you can do the job by identifying your key achievements/successes that are relevant to the job....sell yourself!

Show enthusiasm: A client will only offer you a job if they think you want it.

Salary: Do not be tempted to ask questions about the salary or benefits, it doesnt create the best impression, wait until they broach the subject.

Ask questions: Think of a couple of questions to close the interview.

At the end: Give a firm handshake, smile and thank the interviewer for their time. Finally express your interest in the job!

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