Client FAQs

Why should I choose Si Recruitment to assist me with my recruitment needs?

We understand that recruiting new talent can be hugely time consuming and uses significant resources. We want to work collaboratively with you to ensure we are meeting your expectations and advising you throughout the recruitment process. Our consultants are passionate about the local areas they recruit in and take great pride in assisting business leaders reach their recruitment goals. They are trained to work as a team and identify and provide only the best candidates for you, as opposed to working to relentless KPIs which often drive bad industry practice.

Why should I pay a recruitment agency to help me find new employees?

We understand that using a recruitment agency can seem expensive, especially if you have recruited successfully in the past via your own methods. Unfortunately our experience of the market is that recruiting in this way is becoming more difficult, more time consuming and therefore more frustrating! As recruitment specialists in Yorkshire and the North East, it is our job to have our finger on the pulse of the market and therefore the candidates available for your given role. In addition, we will arrange all interviews, handle and discuss feedback, offers and rejections, and always be here to consult you on the best way forward. If we aren’t successful in finding you the right candidate, our service is FREE! We only charge you for our recruitment services on the date that the successful candidate starts in the role.

What are the benefits of working with Si Recruitment on an exclusive basis?

Working with Si Recruitment as a sole supplier for your recruitment needs means you are working with one dedicated consultant who understands your requirements and the way in which you want us to work. We will ensure that you receive the very best service and in return for exclusivity, more favorable recruitment rates. (again I appreciate you might not want to mention reduced rates)!

How do you source candidates?

Si Recruitment have an extensive database of existing candidates and the resources to source, attract and shortlist new candidates for your given recruitment needs. We attract new candidates through referrals as well as by advertising roles and sourcing CVs on various job boards, our own website and social media.

Do I need to provide you with a job description?
Job descriptions are very helpful as they allow us to gain a clear understanding of your requirements. Job descriptions will ideally include a list of responsibilities, salary and benefits, working hours, IT skills and experience required. We initially like to have a detailed conversation with you over the phone to go through the job description and the best team fit for your organisation, followed by arranging a visit to your premises. If you don’t have a job description our consultants will ask you a number of questions over the phone and create their own job description based on the information you have provided.

Why do you want to visit our work premises?

Just as you would expect us to do an initial screening of the candidates we are considering for your role, it is really helpful if we can also inform candidates that we have visited your site, gained a good understanding of your working environment and discussed the position in depth with the relevant hiring manager or Director. We feel this gives us the best chance of making the right match for both the potential employer and employee. It also allows you to ask us any questions and gain a clearer understanding of the service we provide.

How long will you take to send me CVs?

We aim to get an initial batch of CVs to you for review within 24 hours of the role being registered. If after 24 hours we require more time to source CVs, we will give you regular updates and be open and honest regarding the progress of your vacancy.

What if a candidate leaves after they have started in their new role?

Unfortunately despite everyone’s best efforts, candidates can sometimes decide that a role isn’t for them or their personal circumstances change resulting in them leaving the position. If the candidate leaves within the first 12 weeks of their employment for any reason other than redundancy, we will in the first instance begin our search for a suitable FREE replacement. We will start the recruitment process again and only stop our search once you are happy with the replacement candidate we have sourced. Alternatively, we offer a sliding scale refund over the 12 week period.

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