Candidate FAQs

How could Si Recruitment help me with my job search?

If you are looking for a new role or you’re perhaps in the early stages of considering a job move, why not call and speak with our expert team of recruitment consultants who can guide you and speak with you in detail about your CV, job search and role requirements. One of our specialist consultants will then guide you through our representation process and match you to any existing vacancies or roles which are registered in the future.

Will Si Recruitment speak with me about their vacancies?

Once your details are registered with us, our consultants will continue to bear you in mind for suitable roles up until the point that you have secured a new role or you have informed us that you are no longer looking for a new opportunity.

Do I need to call Si Recruitment with updates regarding changes in my circumstances?

It is really helpful if our consultants are made aware of any changes regarding your job search, it is also great to hear from our candidates for a general catch up and update to see how their personal job search is going. Our consultants will also try and stay in regular contact with registered candidates.

Will Si Recruitment charge me for their recruitment services?

No, Si Recruitment is paid for its services by the employers we work with in the area who ask us to assist them with their recruitment needs. There is no cost whatsoever to candidates.

Will Si Recruitment get me a new job?

We would love to be able to assist all of our candidates in securing a new role with the employers we work with but unfortunately we don’t always register the perfect role that you might be looking for. Your job search may conclude very quickly and sometimes it might take some time and therefore you may decide to widen your search by registering with a few different recruitment agencies as well as conducting your own personal search as well.

How do I know who to speak with at Si Recruitment?

When you first get in touch with us, our team will quickly establish after asking a few questions regarding your experience and location, which dedicated consultant that you need to speak with in more detail about your job search.

Is my job search confidential?

Your job search is strictly confidential and your personal details will not be shared or disclosed to a potential employer without your knowledge and consent. Any personal details or information that we hold on our system is handled following strict GDPR rules and regulations.

Will you tell me the names of the employers you are working with?

If you are a candidate registered with Si Recruitment and we have consent from the employer to disclose the name of their business to suitable candidates, we will provide that information. On occasion, hiring managers may ask us to not disclose the name of the business until they have shortlisted interviews for example.

How do I register with Si Recruitment?

Before registering as a candidate, we ask everyone to send through their CV either via the website Contact Us - Si Recruitment or by applying directly for one of our jobs Vacancies - Jobs - Si Recruitment

On receipt of your CV, a consultant will assess your skills and experience and if we believe we can assist you, we will call you to arrange an appointment for you to come in and register as a candidate with us. Please note that we receive a high volume of CVs on a daily basis so sadly we are not able to come back to all candidates.

How long does registering take and will I need to bring anything with me?

One of our consultants will meet you for about 30 minutes to discuss your experience, skills and career aspirations. You may well be introduced to another consultant if relevant and any suitable opportunities will be run past you at this stage. Please bring your passport with you as proof of identity and eligibility to work in the UK. If you don’t have a passport then please bring your birth certificate and something with your NI number on it.

What should I wear to my registration meeting?

It is helpful to dress as though you were attending a formal interview. We like to treat the meeting as an informal chat but we do consider presentation, punctuality and attitude as part of our candidate assessment.


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